Where the heck is Charles

Hey and welcome to another installment of The Underground Recap Sessions. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy yourself. Usually I don't write anything lengthy in this episodes mainly because they are pretty self explanatory. It's just a discussion and during that discussion we review the first Five songs of August. Generally though it's a reason for us to get together and have a good time. Jason (me) is joined by veteran Jacob and all around good guy Travis during this episode and they (we) talk about whatever comes up along with the way.

Bands under review this week are

Soundcloud @umbrellaassassins

soundcloud @/nasmork-1

By Jordan Martin

Soundcloud @wacked-foh

Soundcloud @/you-were-the-king-band

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Who Is Ready For Tomorrow?

Although it's still early with the new crew there is a real difference in attitude toward discussions about the events surrounding the show. An excitement about what we are actually trying to accomplish seems to fill the private chat we all use to keep connected. While talks often stream to the off topic some how for some reason I've noticed that with out me poking them these guys continually come back to subjects like the recordings, or new finds that we need to feature. For me it's pretty cool. What we do here is pretty cool. We feature promote and review music of the unsigned variety. but suddenly and with out forcing anything we've become fun again.

In the coming months we hope to evolve into something even broader then we have been. We are considering new genres and new ways to promote. No longer I hope will it be ten songs picked by me and more of a collaboration of the minds getting together to talk tunes and having fun being able to just get together and talk. Just in our first get together earlier the crew recorded their first song bumpers and if that was any indication of where this new The Unsigned Countdown is going, I'm super excited to be involved and even more excited for you as the fan to listen.

Thank you to every band for being apart of what we do and thank you to every fan for listening.

Check out our Live Stream event Monday August 11th if you'd like

In Chains
By P210 Paul McCameron
From Birmingham England
Genre Metal to Instrumental Rock
Find Him On Soundcloud Last FM Bandcamp YouTube and Instagram
Soundcloud @paul-mccameron

By Sahr
From Madison Alabama
Genre Heavy Metal
Find Them On Soundcloud YouTube Bandcamp
Soundcloud @thisissahr

I Could Never Say
By Chris Clancy
From Cleveleys, Britain (UK)
Genre Rock Metal
Find Chris On Soundcloud Facebook Youtube
Soundcloud @chris-clancy

Into The Mouth Of Mad
By Deltafourn9ner
From Northern California
Genre Metal
Find Them On Soundcloud YouTube
Soundcloud @deltafourn9ner

The Worst In You
By Killscream
From Kirovohrad, Ukraine
Genre Metal
Find Them On Soundcloud
soundcloud @/killscream

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Like changing underwear

Welcome to August. And welcome to another mid season changing of the guard. We got a brand new list of great unsigned talents to bleed your earballs and a new group of learned and oh so talented co-hosts to discuss them. While I Jason am producer and so stuck in my glorified position every other former host was given the opportunity to resign or move on to bigger and better things. Our buddy and now the veteran of the gang Jacob has decided to stick around and battle through the mixture of music that at some points leaves him pulling on his nut sack. Our boy Travis is going to be a mainstay for years to come and enjoys a wide variety of genres. Joining the cast this month is the wise oracle Charles. His high brow antics and down to earth point of view should leave you scratching your head and laughing your ass off. Finally we are lucky enough to get the all knowing and master of metal edm and production the singer songwriter and genius of our season one winning band Benson.

Travis @whats-not-appreciated

Jacob @jacob-fry-1

Charles Dyson @charles-dyson

Brandon Benson @roose-us

Jason Roeseke @Rotten-Teeth

Our goal as always will be to feature promote and review the vast expansion of unsigned talent floating out there amongst the cosmos. Our hope is to do this in a fun and informative way. We might not always stay on topic but in the end we should have entertained you the listener. Offered some valuable feedback to the bands that were brave enough to agree to be featured, and hopefully throw in some great tips and tricks to how to create better music in this ever changing music industry.

If you make great music, if you want it heard and listened to by a global audience, and you'd like to be a part of the revolutionary project that has become The Unsigned Countdown and Underground Recap Sessions then grab your balls out of the drawer, strap those bitches on and email us an audio file of your track, a brief bio, and band links hopefully including Facebook, soundcloud, reverbnation, Bandcamp, or other useful links to jarcode01@gmail.com

Psyclone Cities
By Umbrella Assassins
From Haverhill, Suffolk
Genre Punk Rock
Find Them On Soundcloud Facebook Twitter YouTube and UmbrellaAssassins.com
Soundcloud @umbrellaassassins

By Nasmörk
From Mannheim, Germany
Genre Metal
Find Them On Soundcloud
soundcloud @/nasmork-1

By Jordan Martin

Madness By Design
Wacked FOH
From Atlanta Georgia
Genre Metal Hard Rock
Find Them On Soundcloud Facebook MySpace ReverbNation
Soundcloud @wacked-foh

Ambition is A Dirty Word
By You Were The King UK
From Huddersfield, Britain (UK)
Genre Rock n Roll 
Find Them On Soundcloud Facebook Twitter
Soundcloud @/you-were-the-king-band

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Farewell to Johan...

Hey bands and fans. I'm not going to write a lot today because I'm a bit under the weather. Sit back and listen to our Top Five discussion and let us know how you feel. Thank you to the brave bands that submitted and as well to Travis Jacob and Johan for joining me in this epic Episode

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