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Hey welcome to a brand new month here at The Unsigned Countdown. We have got a great list of Unsigned and Independents that all bring the Metal. Founded as a Metal based Podcast back in the day, we have taken some time to explore the genres around the hard and heavy and have now returned to bleed your earballs once again. Each sonf hand picked by our staff here at Jarcodes and ranked by a growing team of experts from around the globe and from around the music community. Sit back relax and I dare you to not head bang the shit out of this. Thanks for listening. Feel free to like comment repost and share with your buds. Tweet your thoughts to us at Jarcodes on Twitter or even better follow the link under this track and help us grow our Facebook page. We are here for the bands and so you can show some support and love by letting us know which songs this month you liked. Follow the bands you enjoyed and lets get this shit going!

Hive Mind
By Egregore
From ???
Genre Metal  thrash metal  industrial metal
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Egregoreband – Hive-mind

Egregore Info
Egregore is solo project of Houston progressive power metal band Descent Into Madness' main songwriter Alexander K. 
The purpose of this project is to expand into other musical territories, by adding some symphonic and industrial elements into the sound. "Hive Mind" features Jonathan Wilson
on drums.


By Godzorder
From Jundiahy Brazil
Genre Thrash Metal
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Godzorder info
Rafael Barba  Bass & vocals 
Marco Mingote  Drums 
Gustavo salles  Guitars  
Andre Fernandes  Guitars
band formed in 2013 by former members who figured in the underground scene of Jundiaí -SP / Brazil in the 1990s and 2000s .
With influences of the greats of that time , his musical proposal features a more rhythmic heavy sound , with pinches of Hardcore and aggressive vocals sung in English.


Inside The Other Side
By Head Krusher
From Taubaté São Paulo Brazil
Genre Thrash Death Metal
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Song Link

Head Krusher Info
Douglas Couto  Guitar Vocal 
Darc Arantes  Guitar 
Wellington Santana  Drums
Lucas Almeida  Bass

Metal Archive

Humanity Zombified
By Nightmare Effect
From Perth Australia
Genre Heavy Metal
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Song Link
Nightmare_effect – Humanity-zombified

Nightmare Effect Info
Matt Brennan-Jones  Vocals
Sheldon Blackwell  Guitar
Tom Rushen  Guitar
John Louie  Bass
Formed in early 2011, Nightmare Effect have sculptured a beast of a sound. 
With a wide variety of influences ranging from beautiful melodies to eye bleeding rage; Nightmare Effect are like a schizophrenic, alcoholic, Angel...who likes to set things on fire.

World Extinction
By Extinctionist
From Chemnitz  Dresden Germany
Genre Death Metal 
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Song Link
Extinctionist – Extinctionist-01-world

Extinctionist Info
Vocals: Christian
Bass: Jörg
Guitar: Mitch
Drums: Florian
 someone who believes in the Philosophy that Earth would be far better off without People living on it, thus welcomes the Extermination of all Human Life on the Planet
2007 Founded as a one-man project by Guitarist Alexander Pohl (former PHILOSOPHER, CRYPTIC RITUAL), Extinctionist started with a clear musical approach:
"No song slower than 220 bpm, no song longer than 2 minutes."
Though that somewhat "Grindcore-Attitude" changed a little over time towards slightly longer (but not slower) songs, EXTINCTIONIST lost nothing on their Brutality and to-the-point precise killing approach.
Soon completed by Sebastian "Grimo" Grihm on vocals, who contributes lyrics of post-apocalyptic damnation and human suffering, lurking in flocks in sewers under blown up chemical plants.
Dennis Mitchell Petrausch on second Guitar and skilled drummer Christoph Weilbach joined in 2008 and EXTINCTIONIST became a deadly Live-Commando leaving nothing but devastated lands while playing venues throughout Germany. Their fanbase grows steady since then, their first release "All Flesh Must Be Eaten" was downloaded over 150.000 times and raised quite a buzz among Brutalheads and the Metal Press.
In the year 2011 the full length album "World Extinction" was released and a few shows were played.
In the year 2011 to 2012 there also was a changeover at the members Line-up.
Grimo (now CYTOTOXIN), Christoph and Alex left the band in good. So new musician were needed. 
Christian supports EXTINCTIONIST with his great vocals and Jörg will play the bass guitar, so the sound becomes much better and heavier. A drummer is still needed and we decide to use a drum-computer to fill in the missing part.
In september 2013 EXTINCTIONIST became a part of the Label RISING NEMESIS RECORDS.
In February 2014 the songs for the upcoming new album were recorded.
In March 2014 Florian joined the band on drums and it's getting more and more brutal.
During the whole year the band played a lot of Festivals and shows like Berlin Death Fest, Las Vegas Death Fest, Nice To Eat You Death Fest, etc.
In November 2014 the 2nd full length album PORTALS OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL INVASIONS was released via Rising Nemesis Records.


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Ugh! It's February...

It's weird how routine comes into play even over the course of years. This our third season, and so this being our third February brings with it some of the usual challenges. Here in Chicago it's cold as fuck, Gloomy, Snow covered and windy. That can affect a show more then I just today realized. Also with our season ending in November it affects me. I'm a creature of habit and so having a month off does not suit me. I try to adjust by airing a Christmas special but it's not the same. While doing that I am also busy hunting for next seasons songs. Creating new methods for everything, and hard at work planning for a season opener, which always goes well. the problem is however that February is then almost an after thought. Don't get me wrong. The music is great. The bands rock. But it's hard to do because it's really the strat of my routine. Note taking, host and recording schedules, and all the little things that go into making a show great for you, the bands and fans. That being said. Thank you for putting up with me and plase support these bands. They are so well deserving

Thanks for supporting The Unsigned Countdown and Underground Recap Sessions. We do this because we have a love for pure unfiltered music. Tune in and share away. Join the community and send one of your songs over to us now!

Nation of the Pigs
By The LabRats
From Helsinki, Finland
Genre Punk Rock
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Song Link
Thelabratsss – Nation-of-the-pigs

The LabRats Info
Band Members
Daniel Ramström - Guitar and "Vocals"
Sami Haimilahti - Solo Guitar and "Vocals"
Atte Laakso - Bass Bass
Samu Kolehmainen - Drums
Rauli Kangas - Driver
Punkrock band straight outta North-Helsinki! If you liked our songs please feel free to share and download. THANK YOU already for all of your support, shares and comments! New material coming soon! STAY TUNED!

The 1st James Bond
By The Olympic Band
From Pretoria South Africa
Genre  Heavy Pop Punk
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Song Link
The-olympicband – The-1st-james-bond

The Olympic Band Info
Band Members
Charl Greyling - Vocals
Freddie Botes - Guitar 
Tjaardt Swanepoel - Guitar
Niekie van Niekerk - Bass
Reinhardt Von Solms- Drums
Pretoria based heavy/pop/punk (easycore) rockers; The Olympic quickly started making name in the music industry soon after they sprung to life in 2011.  The band recorded their 1st single 'The Wait' at Snor City’s Red Room Studios, late 2011.

Recorded and mixed by Jared Gunston [Chromium] and mastered by famed musician Peach van Pletzen [Yesterday’s Pupil & Bittereinder] 'The Wait' deals with the familiar topic of abuse in the context of a relationship. Soon 'The Wait' was play listed on campus radio stations across the country.

In addition to recording 'The Wait', The Olympic worked with local production company Dames & Here Productions to shoot an accompanying music video. The music video, directed by Shaun Gouws, along with the single featured on DSTV music channel, MK324.

The 2nd single; 'the City sleeps' was also recently released(december 2012) accompanied with a music video. Recorded and produced by David Grevler(Wrestlerich) from Anti-Motion studios has also seen the song being playlisted on Tuks fm and Puk fm and is quickly becoming a crowd favourite 'sing a long anthem' at their live shows.

The Olympic’s infectious beats, melodic choruses and intense live performances are destined to transform South Africa’s commercial music landscape. 
The band has shared stages with some of South Africa’s most renowned artists, playing at the best live music venues in South Africa including Opikoppi festival, Tuks Rag festival, Arcade Empire (Pretoria), the Winston(Durban)Tanz Café Fourways (Johannesburg), Town Hall (Johannesburg) and Memphis Rock (Potchefstroom), Arcade Empire (Potchefstroom), Sundowners (Johannesburg), the Bohemian (Johannesburg)

Bitter Resurrections
By Count Your Dead
From South Texas
Genre Metal
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Song Link
Countyourdead – Bitter-resurrections

Count Your Dead Info
Band Members
Jonathan Haubert - Vocals
Julio Salazar - Guitars
Malachi Carrera- Drums
The origin of Count Your Dead dates back far to around the year of 2003 whenever vocalist Jonathan Haubert and Julio Salazar formed their first band together in the little small town of Port Lavaca, TX. From that point on, being in a band and making music was much more than just a hobby. It was much more than just something to pass the time by. Little did they know, but this would eventually end up being something they would work their whole lives torward.

Throughout the span of their Alternative Metal outfit DOWNLIFT, there were times filled with joy and grim alike. But whatever the circumstances given, the band still manage to put the time and effort to write what were the best songs of that time period. Their best songs, being written during the nights filled with unrelenting practice, complete devotion, and endless passion. But as time would pass, Jonathan and Julio would end up parting ways, as well as the other members in DOWNLIFT. Jonathan would go off to start a new project entitled EuQiNu, which consisted of material picking up where their previous project left off, and Julio would take some time off from music to gain new perspectives. After a break of over 3 years from music, he would later jump back in the mix with a new drummer from Palocios, TX known as Paul Riccio.

Coming together to form a new fusion of genres, Julio and Paul created what would be the early formation of COUNT YOUR DEAD. After picking up bass players left and right to jam with, and the occasional singer(s) alongside, CYD went on to play shows in and all around the local Crossroad areas as well as the Northern parts of Texas.

In Summer 2007, the band hit the road for a month long tour in California, but would see little success from it due to falling outs with the booking company. Needless to say, something as simple as playing in a band with a group of others would become something that would get complicated real quick. It would seem that after dealing with members that would act more as deadweight rather than carrying their own, getting screwed over countless amount of times with studio cuts and gigs from previous shows, the struggle to continue a band would be almost damn near impossible to endure. But just as things would seem at their darkest, there was still always some small light still shining at the end of the pititful tunnel.

For about another few years, CYD would keep their stable lineup minus the band name changes and the member splits. However, once brand new material began to arise, other members were feeling displeased with it.... leading to a desire to form something different with a new lineup, new vibe, and a new attitude. So, as fate would have it, Jonathan's project EuQiNu went under hiatus, leading the two former bandmates to once again join forces and start jamming together again. It wouldn't be long after that Jonathan was asked to take over Lead Vocals once again and put his voice to their new songs being written, and the ones that would later make way onto their first album. Together, they have formed the most solid lineup to date and is ready to take on anything that comes their way.

Since late 2008, CYD have been making frequent visits to The Nest Sound Studio in Victoria, TX to record a new list of high-quality songs. These sessions would later turn into full on production for what would later became known as their debut album "No Return". While some of the tracks were written as far back as their early formation, others such as "Bitter Resurrections" and "1,000 Miles of Pain" would serve as a new fuel to an ember that was already started. And while some songs possess more of a party anthem vibe to them such as "Flooding Texas" & "Bleed Smoke" do, others contain more crucial meanings. One of the most crucial, being "Release", which deals with the issues of letting go of those that you held dear in your life. And even more stronger points with the constant rants like the ones in "Poetic Lies" which speaks of mindless nonsense that others try to feed others and actually fool them with. But make no mistake about it, as far as the years have progressed, the songs have progressed just as much, if not more, with them. Every band has their whole life to write about when it comes to their debut, and Count Your Dead many stories to tell.

So therefore, needless to say... Count Your Dead is not now, nor at any point here in time, ready to give up. After coming so very far, and still having so much more to go... There is no going back. There is no return.


Doktor - Life (Aint it sad)
By Johan Vidner
From Eskilstuna Sweden
Genre Melodic Thrash Metal
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Song Link
Machineryofficial – Doktor-vidner-life-aint-it-sad

Johan Info
Johan is a sexy beast from Sweden. He is a former co-host with us here on The Unsigned Countdown and Underground Recap Sessions. He produces and programs everything on his own, He plays guitar and bass in all of his solo music, and has a passion for thrash, Metal, and the classic styles of those genres. He is a purist, a master collaborator, and a member of the group Machinery

Recorded with a glorious ESP Viper (gits) Epiphone Thunderbird (bass). 
Played through TSE X50 with simulated Mesa Boogie V30's 4x12. 
EZDrummer 2 as my drummer. 
EZMix2 used for mastering, busing and on each individual drum kit piece.


Project Mayhem
By The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back
From Dublin Ireland
Genre The Heavier End of The Spectrum
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Song Link
Tdwhsb – Project-mayhem
Band Members
Stephen Cannon  Vocals Guitar
Mick Hynes  Guitar
Ryan Cummins  Drums
Dylan Scully  Bass

Formed in 2013, Dylan Scully (Bass), Mick Hynes (Guitar) and Ryan Cummins (Drums) were tired of the direction of the local metal scene and began writing songs that they themselves wanted to hear. In late May 2014 Stephen Cannon's violent, yet melodic vocal style completed the arsenal of songs the three had written. By July the band exploded on to the metal scene, gigging around Ireland, from Dublin to Cork and Tipperary, with sights set on Belfast and the UK in the future. Known for their frantic and energetic live shows, within three months TDWHSB were asked to play Slipknot's album launch party to a sold out Mezz, where they were introduced as 'the hottest new band in Dublin'. Since then they have played the after party for Slipknot's show in January 2015. With plans for the UK ahead they are also in the primary stages of self recording their first full length album.
Ladies & gentlemen, The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back, and who are we to refuse her?


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Everything Shines

By Drannic

From Omsk, Russia

Genre indietronica

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Song Link

Drannic Info

Music I'm doing since the 90-es. Those bands where I played had local fame in my Оmsk-city. It was a long time ago. The first band - "Mortal Grain" has released a demo album in thrash metal style in 1994, played in Omsk and quickly collapsed. Then I had the project influenced by Portishead (trip-hop style) in 2001. We recorded a few demo tracks and sent to record labels. Without results. Then there was a long break. My career was not related to music. But without music I cannot imagine myself. This is the reason which made me to again take up the guitar and start to realize my new ideas (2014 year) . I play without partners in spare time. Recorded at home, so the sound is not professional. I am 41 years old. Influenced me a lot of music from the giants of hard rock of the 70's to modern electronic music. My favorite guitarist Jimmy Page. I love Pink Floyd, so I'm constantly drawn to complex forms. By the way, when I did Everything Shines, I thought about Syd Barrett. That is, this track is dedicated to him. Among the contemporary artists I love to listen to Morcheeba, Rachel Eckroth, Blues Pills, Anna von Hausswolff, NIN and others. Once again please accept my apologies for bad English. Best wishes from Siberia. Denis.



Last FM





Fast Asleep

By Delca Kara

From Runcorn Britain 

Genre Eargasm 

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Song link

Delca Kara Info

Band Members

Will Hayes

Andy Perrin

Jono Tringham

Alex McIntyre

Ryan Dennett

DELCA KARA are an alternative pop band from Cheshire, UK. They have an unapologetically pop sentiment influenced from such artists as; The 1975, Foals and The Wombats having been described as “bringing a vibrant evolution to their already thrilling creativity”. Previously known as CANDIDATE23, this fresh start can only promise the world. 








March Of The Zombies

By Sweet Mitchell

From Oceanside  California

Genre Industrial Metal

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Song Link

Sweet Mitchell Info

If you wanna work on some music together hit me up. I love working with other people so if you got some tracks and you want singing lets do it!

THanks to awesome people I have done awesome collaboration projects with, Tommi Makela, Fredrik Wetter, Increased Distortion, Cuntox, King Squig, Ryan Fitzgerald.

Thanks to sound cloud for helping me find a community of rad people to help me get my music cravings out of me. 
I have been playing music since I got my first bass when I was 13. I grew up listening to punk rock and thrash and hair metal. And Ice-T like every other suburban white kid. Then someone gave me the tape GRINDCRUSHER, and I have been an extreme music fan ever since. I Love old school deathmetal! I have played drums for several bands throughout the years. And now I just do singing projects with cool people on here. But I do plan on getting an electric set or by some Microphones for my drums set.





Letting Go

By Echo The Aftermath

From Raleigh North Carolina

Genre Modern Rock

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Song Link

Echo the Aftermath Info

Band Members

Jason Johns (Bass/Voices)

Mike Kata (Lead/Rhythm) 

Marcos Moreno (Drums) 

DAP (Vocals/Rhythm),

Formed by members of numerous local, regional and international projects, Raleigh's EtA brings edgy Modern Rock both to the stage, and wax.

Jason Johns 

Plays - Bass/Voices

Born - Youngstown, OH

Resides - Raleigh, NC

Gear - Custom built FenderBird bass (Epiphone body, Squire Jazz neck, TV Jones pickups), Dunlop Max-Grip Nylon Standard 1.5mm Picks, Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Strings, Hartke Amps and Cabinets, Sansamp, Electra, and Sonic Research Pedals and Effects, Gator Cases, Whirlwind Cables, Dunlop Strap Locks

Mike Kata 

Plays - Lead&Rhythm Guitars

Born - Queens, NY

Resides - Raleigh, NC

Gear - Fender Floyd Rose Strats, ESP and Hoyer Guitars, Dunlop Tortex Jazz Picks, D'Addario Strings, DV Mark and Peavey Amps, Egnater and Line 6 Cabinets, Eminence Speakers, Electro Harmonix, Malekko, MXR, TC Electronic, Boss, Pro Co, Peterson, Morley, Xotic, and Carl Martin Pedals and Effects, Diago Pedalboards, Voodoo Lab Power Supplies, Live Wire and Mogami Cables, Hercules Guitar Stands, Road Runner Cases, Franklin Guitar Straps, Schaller Strap Locks

Marcos Moreno 

Plays - Drums

Born - Hermosillo, Mexico

Resides - Raleigh, NC

Gear - DW Drums, Tama Snare Drums and Pedals, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Heads, And Vic Firth Sticks


Plays - Vocals/Guitars

Born - Charlotte, NC

Resides - Knightdale, NC

Gear - Gretsch guitars, Marshall amps and Shure mics.







To Find my Shadow

By Lucaria

From Helsinki Finland

Genre progressive metal 

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Song Link

Lucaria Info

Lucaria is a progressive metal band from Finland, which was formed in 2002. The name ‘Lucaria’ is taken from the ancient Roman festival of the grove (Latin lucus). They recorded their self-titled debut demo in 2002 with following line-up:

Janne Hirvonen: vocals

Kimmo Kovanen: guitars

Teemu Tuovinen: keyboards and bass

Timo Karhunen: drums

After the first demo the band members were busy with their other projects and it took three year hiatus before the next Lucaria release, “Oculis Captus”, saw the daylight in 2005. The line-up was the same as on its predecessor, except this time Tuovinen concentrated only on keyboards and Kovanen took also the bass player’s duties.

In 2005 Hirvonen decided to concentrate on his other activities and so started the long period of silence in the history of the band. Lucaria wasn’t completely inactive during the following years, but they recorded instrumental versions of new songs. However, the other projects of the band members still took too much of their time and the reincarnation of Lucaria was still to come.

In 2009 the time seemed finally to be right for the third coming of Lucaria and so Kovanen, Tuovinen and Karhunen started to practice new material with session bass player Riku Partanen. In 2010 they also formed together an alternative rock band called Shallow Dimensions, which released three demo recordings between the years 2011-2012. After that Lucaria has released following recordings: “Buried in Solitude” (2012), “As the Silence Falls” (2013) and “Embodiment of Time” (2013).








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A friday edition of our Top Five Reviews

Thanks for joining us for our final episode of the month. We are back again for a special Friday edition and returning to the mic are my expert reviewers. Andy Ben and Ryan came back to help introduce you to and offer advice to these great Austin Texas Industrial Independents. It's been exciting for me to sit down to talk with this group. The insights and reviewers were the best we've ever had so I thank them all for taking time out of their busy schedules to be a part of this our third season

Please check out the countdown episodes that came before this episode and read the description portion to find all the information you will need to support and follow your favorites. Thats what this project is all about.

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