Farewell to Johan...

Hey bands and fans. I'm not going to write a lot today because I'm a bit under the weather. Sit back and listen to our Top Five discussion and let us know how you feel. Thank you to the brave bands that submitted and as well to Travis Jacob and Johan for joining me in this epic Episode

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Screw You Guys I'm Going Home

Thanks for listening to the Underground Recap Sessions. Sit back and relax while Jacob and Jason discussion the First Five bands in our Month of independents. This list is a great mixture of Metal sounds while skirting the genres we all may have come to love from the countdown. This episode is much shorter then the usual and is the beginning of the two part finale of the old guard. There will be some big changes in the coming months as some of the past co-hosts reevaluate their roles here with us. Many thanks go out to Tony and Johan for everything they've brought to the Show as well a big thank you to Jacob for having the class to offer up a final Recap recording before he moves on to a new project that we will be cross promoting with. Stay tuned for more information.

As always thank you to every musician band and artist for agreeing to be featured. Without you we are nothing. If you would like to be a part of a future countdown, If you would like to try a live stream Band & Fan Chat interview or if you think you might have what it takes to join the crew and come on air with us feel free to contact Jason atjarcode01@gmail.com

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Support the Cause...

Another great month and another great Top Five brought to you by the fine folks at Jarcodes Productions. Thanks for listening and thank you for the support. We hope we helped you to discover the next great band in your life.

Her Obsession
From London, Britain (UK)
Genre MetalCore 
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook YouTube

Welcome To Hell
By Psycho Side
From Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genre Thrash-Metal - Hard Rock
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook Twitter YouTube

chapter I: denial. §O2. head north for less information
By And All I Can Say Is
From San Diego California
Genre Post(Heart)Core
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook Twitter Myspace Tumblr Youtube Last FM andallicansayis.com

My Tongue Is Rushing Scars Out
By Sixteen Cell
From Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Genre mathcore 
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook Last FM YouTube BandCamp VK.com

Government-Media Complex
By Legionary 
From Bronx New York City New York
Genre Death Thrash Metal 
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook BandCamp Twitter YouTube

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2nd Annual Month Of Independents...

Thank you for celebrating with us our Independents month. Our goal is to bring to you every month some of the best music you've never heard. Please support these bands if you've enjoyed the music they have submitted. Thats what this project is all about. Later in the month we will be going live once again. On July 16th at 9PM CST Jason will sit down with a learned group of co-hosts, all who have listened and ranked these songs. Find out why the judges picked their favorites to least favorites the way they did. Check out some reviews and enjoy some uncensored laughs. 

Songs Included in our First Five Include:

Mirror Mix
By Vault Holiday
From London, Britain (UK)
Genre Alternative Rock/ Punk Rock/ Math Rock 
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook YouTube Twitter

By Charles Edward Dyson
From Butler tennessee
Genre Metal
Find Him On SoundCloud

Mr Luke
By Wakkos
From Vomano(Teramo), Italy
Genre Rock
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook BandCamp YouTube Twitter

Because God
By Angelspit
From New York City
Industrial CyberPunk
Find them on www.angelspit.net Facebook Twitter Last.fm 
YouTube SoundCloud

By Mira
From Cheboksary Russia
Genre Modern Metal
Find Them On SoundCloud

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This Episode was produced by JarCodes Productions. To have your hard and heavy track featured in an upcoming show please send your information and audio file to JarCode01@gmail.com.

Thank you to Nicole @Punkrokinnme for handpicking this list of Unsigned Classics. 

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