Merry Christmas...

The Unsigned Countdown and Underground Recap Sessions were born two years ago under the name The Artists Outlet. Started in September we began by featuring a variety of unsigned and independent musicians bands and artists. Our hope was always to spread the word about the undiscovered music thats out there and with the creation of an annual Christmas special we wanted the world to come together and celebrate the season with a new kind of Holiday broadcast. Void of the standard music thats heard every year on the radio and T.V.

This is now our third annual Christmas special and I personally could not be happier about the accomplishment. We are still the only music based podcast on The Stitcher smart radio app, The only platform there for unsigned and independent artists and so by nature we are the only Christmas special featuring unsigned and independent musicians bands and artists on the Stitcher smart radio app. Find the link to Stitcher here on our home page or on our website at

While it"s been a pretty strange year our goal is and will be to put the music first. Remember that by supporting this project you are supporting Independent music and originality. Our goal is to offer a platform for those without one. Our hope is top offer feedback to those that don'T HAVE IT. Our intent is to have fun turning you on to a new band or a great sound so please take the time to follow any musician that you think is deserving of a new fan. Spread the love, tell them you discovered them here on The Unsigned Countdown, and Please please have a merry Christmas

1.Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal-Boy Meets World
2. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree-PatrickReza
3.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas-Fukuii ^_^
4.Is Santa Real-Travis Nowak
5.Welcome Christmas-Derek Cornett
6. Jingle Bells - (Balls Out Remaster)-Jeff Fiorentino
7.Away In A Manger-Pitch Feather
9.She Screams Christmas-Frightened Rabbit
10.ELLASMAXMAS-Jazzyspoon/Ella Fitzgerald
11.Unicorn Christmas Unicorn-Sufjan Stevens
12. peace on earth-abeautifultomorrow-29

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On The Ones...

Time for a year in review. Thank you to all of our top bands this year. Here are all of them and the song bumpers that go with them. What a great and difficult one indeed. I love this blast from the past and I hope you do as well.

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The Final Top Five...

Thanks for the support. We've worked hard to get through this season and the only reason we have is because of you the fan. Thank you to each and every band that has been apart of this project. I hope some where in all of this we've done some good for some one. Thank you to Tony for helping to develop the concept and to Adam, Johan, Nicole, Jacob, Travis, and Charles for being brave enough to join in as reviewers and offer up some much needed advice and input. Thank you as well to our guest hosts this year Brent, Rocky, Erik, and Andy for helping out. It's been an honor to get to know you all.


Broken Bones

By Arvins Garden

From Phoenix Arizona

Genre Metal Alternative HipHop 

Find Them On SoundCloud Twitter YouTube Facebook 
SoundCloud @arvins-garden



Our Amber Empire

By Blood Of The Scribe

From Xanthi Greece

Genre Melodic Death Metal

Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook BandCamp

SoundCloud @nondas-g




By Return to Flesh

From Chicago Illinois

Genre progressive death metal, djent, deathcore and thrash

Find Them On SoundCloud
SoundCloud @return-to-flesh




by Tommi Mäkelä and Ryan Fitzgerald

From Kauhava Finland 
New Orleans Louisiana 

Genre Metal

Find Tommi On SoundCloud YouTube 

Find Ryan On SoundCloud
SoundCloud @tommimakela

SoundCloud @ryan-patrick-fitzgerald



By Psython

From Sheffield South Yorkshire

Genre Thrash

Find Them On Facebook SoundCloud and BandCamp
SoundCloud @psython

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The beginning Of The End...

Thank you to everyone that has been involved in the creation production and success here at The Unsigned Countdown and The Underground Recap Sessions. Your support and interest, your shares and likes have been what has kept us gong even in times when we've wondered if we should go on. Still at this point in time questions remain. Should we consider a third season, How should we evolve, and what should our goals be if we were to continue?

This episode is the beginning of the end of our second season. We will be taking a month after this to reflect on our future. To gather feedback and advice and decide if we should come back stronger then ever. If you have an opinion Tweet us @jarcodes and let us know what we can do to become a better platform for the Bands Musicians and Artists that are so special to us. Thank you to all one hundred bands that have allowed us to feature their music. Here and now we have for your entertainment ten new unsigned and Independent songs just for you.

Song #10
Revolution Of Thrasher

By KhaosTone

From Riihimäki Finland

Genre Metal

Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook YouTube InstaGram 




By Råte

From Oslo, Norway

Genre Black Metal

Find Them On SoundCloud
SoundCloud @raate


Song #8
Φειδίας Phidias

By ZerovoreZ

From Little Rock, Arkansas

Genre Evolution Metal

Find Them On SoundCloud

SoundCloud @nemesistem


Song #7

When The Dead Walk The Earth

By Elipton Falling
From New Orleans and New Jersey

Genre Heavy Metal

Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook Metal Empire

SoundCloud @elipton-falling


Omens Final!
Jack The Envious

From Hertzliya, IL

Genre Alternative Rock Post Hardcore

Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook

SoundCloud @ypgao0cxisaj


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