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Welcome to The Unsigned Countdown. This is our Top Five of October and what that means is that these are the songs out of the ten featured this month that our expert judges liked the best. You will just have to listen to find out id in fact you agree with them this round.

What we do here at Jarcodes is we gather some of the best new and brutal independent and Unsigned music from across the globe and bring it to our judges in a list form. They list and come up with their own opinions based on things like personal preference style production innovation and more. They then submit to us their list in order of favorite to least favorite and along with the other judges lists we add the points up and come up with our Countdown. We then feature those tracks based on that order and then put those judges on the hot seat when we record The Underground Recap Sessions

In those episodes and during the Live stream recording we ask the judges why they ranked the songs the way they did. We ask the musicians bands and artists to join and listen in to the broadcast on our YouTube Channel @Jarcodes so they can help offer information as needed, and we ask the fans, Theirs and ours to listen as well so as to offer their insights and opinions. All during one recording. We offer feedback, interviews, and more that night and then we break that recording down into two podcast episodes. Stream those across that globe I mentioned, and Boom.

We air our episodes here on SoundCloud. We also use the power of The Stitcher Smart Radio app and iTunes as well as We can be found by searching The Unsigned Countdown. We can be supported on places such as Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, YouTube, SoundCloud, HypedSound, MixCloud, Google+, and Tumblr by searching Jarcodes. And we do all of this for free all for the love of music, and the promotion of the brave musicians that allow us to feature their music.

If you would like to be a part of The Unsigned Countdown in our upcoming season Three. Simply send an audio file, brief bio, and band links to us

Song #5
Prokeyn – Blackout
By Prokeyn (Gage Whisenand)
From Ankeny Iowa
Genre Hard Rock
Find Them On SoundCloud Tumblr Twitter Facebook Vimeo
Soundcloud @prokeyn

Song #4
By Strangers From Now On
From  Melbourne Australia Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Genre alternative beautiful heavy post-punk violent
Find Them On SoundCloud BandCamp MySpace Facebook
SoundCloud @sfno

Song #3
The Dream Will Never Die
Therealspectra – The-real-spectra-the-dream
By The Real Spectra
From San Diego California
Genre Rock Alternative Progressive
 Find Them On SoundCloud ReverbNation Myspace Twitter YouTube Facebook
SoundCloud @therealspectra

Song #2
The Vast Countenance
The-original-black-frost – The-vast-countenance
By Black Frost 
From Moncton Canada
Genre Black Metal
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook Google+ YouTube
SoundCloud @the-original-black-frost

Song #1
Tongues Like Knives
Whoseheartswerehis – Tongues-like-knives
By Whose Hearts Were His
From Kansas City, Missouri
Genre Metalcore, Thrash, Death Metal
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook Twitter YouTube
SoundCloud @whoseheartswerehis

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I Love October...

Welcome to our first October Episodes. A great list of new fresh and exciting unsigned and Independent songs created by our featured bands and artists to totally bleed those earballs of yours. back to a heavier sound we are having a blast this month. Take some time to support a great project and a good cause by liking reposting and sharing, Leave some comments here on the timeline and if there are any sounds that capture your attention please support the artist by following them as well. Let them know you heard them right here on The Unsigned Countdown.

If you would like your song featured in an up coming episode please send off an audio file brief bio and band links to us at

Song #10
Anything at all
Tiger27 – Anything-at-all-2014-mix
By Tiger27 (Ian Buckingham)
From Britain (UK)
SoundCloud @tiger27

Song #9
Heart Attack
Kairogers – Heart-attack
Kai Rogers
From Brookfield Ohio 
Genre punk folk grunge pop psychedelic rock
Find Him On SoundCloud BandCamp
SoundCloud @kairogers

Song #8
Leave it All Behind
Warmthcrashesin – Leave-it-all-behind
By Warmth Crashes In
From Melbourne, Australia
Genre Rock
Find Them On Facebook SoundCloud BandCamp YouTube
SoundCloud @warmthcrashesin

Song #7
Who Are You
Calm for the Restless
From Stevenage Britain 
 Genre Alternative Rock
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook Twitter YouTube ReverbNation 
SoundCloud @calm-for-the-restless

Song #6
It's Poo (Dead Stupid)
Prosperos-arrogance – Dead-stupid
Rotten-teeth – Its-poo-dead-stupid-music-by
By Rotten Teeth  & Prospero's Arrogance
From Chicago & Corona
Genre Metal Experimental
Find Them On SoundCloud BandCamp Twitter YouTube
SoundCloud @prosperos-arrogance
SoundCloud @rotten-teeth

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It's Another Recap Session...

Hi and welcome fans and bands to another Underground Recap Session. These are the episodes that I really end up enjoying the most. After all of the hard work and planning is done I finally get to sit around with my good friends and just talk. While we do discuss the music we've collected throughout the month we always end up chatting about so much more as well and I never really know in the end where that conversation will go. Thank you to Erik from and of course my partner Travis from the band The Day The Sky Fell for joining me this month. They both did a great job, Thank you as well to Jimmy Hinchcliff for battling the Google plugin to join us for a pretty interesting short interview.

This is one of those months that has me reflecting a bit. From where I started two years ago to where the show is now. Our goal was never to become some giant in the industry, was never to really have an objective, but more to feature new bands, artists, and musicians that weren't played. My goal as producer and co founder was to try and stay fluid in my role, and let the concept organically evolve. Since that first episode that Tony and I did recording our hangout through the garageband app to this episode the show has come a long way. We are still doing what we set out to do. Still highlighting great independent music. We haven't sold out in anyway. Still uncensored and unedited, Some ideas haven't panned out as I had hoped while some aspects have taken on a life of their own. Tony and Adam have gone, Nicole and Johan have come and gone. There has been plenty of changes drama control issues, and more behind the scenes problems then a kardashian picnic, but the show has been left to evolve. So while I'm left missing some, and resenting others, I owe them all a giant Thank you for helping make The Unsigned Countdown and Underground Recap Sessions better in the time that they were involved. Thank you as well to Jacob and Travis for sticking around, Charles for coming on board, and to every band that has let us feature them. Nothing great is ever easy, but while it's never been simple to pull off. In the end of every month, when I finally get to sit down and just hit that record button and talk. I'm always and will always be super grateful

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S2.9.25 September Edition...

There is out there in this world a great many ailments. There always seems to be far fewer remedies. There are charities, relief funds, activists, supporters, ribbons, care givers, benefits, the list goes on and on in an endless stream of ideas all used to ease the discomfort brought on in and by the world we live in. You can sometimes get a bit confused as to where to offer you support. How can you help as many people as possible? Just take a good look at your Facebook Timeline and you'll see my point. Like tossing a bucket of water on any given fire, we hope that others will be tossing as well and by doing this the cure will be discovered and we can save the world one fire at a time. I wonder and have wondered a lot whether this is the right way to go about this. There has been no doubt of any worthiness or need. Nor is there any lack of heros in this world. People at their cores are selfless, noble, and giving creatures.

My thought on this subject was revolutionary to some, and confusing to others. My choice was to support something that in turn would support everything. Something that brings relief to the sick, and brought joy and inspiration to them as well as those heros. To you. Music is the air, the gravity, the heartbeat. It fills us up, keeps us grounded, and lets us know every moment that we hear it, that we're alive. There are more songs out there then variety of insects, more then plants of the planet. There are more lyrics and cords written the stars in the sky it seems and therefor music is exactly like an element. it should be on the periodic table it's so essential to life. Whats even more interesting is to think that this element is man made and created by every single human on this planet. Music is simple and complex, it's inspirational, and revolutionary, it's dark, and moody, it's relatable, and constant. it's not a cure but it is a remedy for anyone and everyone and any and every moment any one and every one needs it. So i'm going to stand up, clap for, thank, and support those brave and talented fighters for cure, those creators of that remedy.

Thank you one and all for listening to another great episode of "The Unsigned Countdown". A broadcast devoted to the feature, promotion, and review of the amazing unsigned and Independent talent out there waiting to be listened to. Our goal isn't to get you to love every musician band or artist we feature. Our goal is to bring you new music, or a new sound to your earbaslls and ask you to support those artists that created the sounds you enjoyed. Our goal is to offer feedback, and support to those artists, and to offer it all to everyone for free. We only promote those in our music community, but every month we invite ten more bands and even more to our community. Then on Christmas we open that up to all when we ask for Unsigned and Independent original or public domain classic cover Holiday tracks to fill our annual Stitcher Christmas Special.

Song #5
The Last Thread
By DuCru
From Baltimore, MD
Genre Rock
Find Them On SoundCloud Facebook Twitter MySpace Last FM YouTube
SoundCloud @ducru

Song #4
Life's Too Short To Dance With Tall People
By Alex Kid
From Birmingham
Genre Ska/Pop/Rock
Find Them On Facebook

Song #3
Dark Lullaby
By Stella Haze
From New York New York
Genre Singer/Songwriter, Alternative, Indie, Folk, Acoustic, Down Tempo, Pop
Find StellaintheClouds on SoundCloud Twitter Facebook Tumblr YouTube Last FM
SoundCloud @/stellaintheclouds

Song #2
By Cyra Morgan
From New York New York
Genre Indie Acoustic Folk
Find Her On SoundCloud Twitter Facebook Bandcamp ReverbNation YouTube CD Baby
SoundCloud @cyramorgan

Song #1
Make It Good
Edie Brickell/Derek Cornett
Edie from New York New York
Derek From Oceanside California
Genre Singer/Songwriter
Find Derek On SoundCloud Facebook Google+
Find Edie On SoundCloud Facebook
SoundCloud @derek-cornett
SoundCloud @ediebrickell
Official website

If you would like your song featured in an episode of "The Unsigned Countdown" as well as "The Underground Recap Sessions" send off your audio file, bio, and band links to Jason, Travis, Jacob, Charles, or Brandon

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